Volcanic Wines of the Naples Region + Dinner in Milano

  • 28 June 2019
  • Celia Hay


This Volcanic region is famous for its local wines.  Located just north of Naples and not far from Mount Vesuvio. 


Naples and the Campi Flegrei Volcanic region is home to a number of well-established wineries, with vines planted on volcanic soils. The ASPI Italian Sommelier Association. hosted this visit  and introduced me to Falanghina, the noble white grape of Campania and the Naples region, shines in the PDO of Campi Flegrei.

The photos above, looking across the Bay near Pozzoli, just north of Naples. At the beach side, you can also enjoy thermal baths if you don't want to swim in the sea.

Looking down into the crater of Mount Vesuvio. There is no crater lake but steam vents are visible. Oliver, Celia and Alice at Mount Vesuvio's crater.

Our hosts at Piscina Miribelle, Bacoli.                  Falanghina grape


Vineyard of Piscina Mirabile in the suburbs located in an urban area near Pozzuoli and its vines grow alongside lemon and orange trees, vegetables plots and fruit trees.                    


With out hosts from ASPI, Italian Sommeliers - L-R Oliver Hay, Umberto Campioni, Winemaker of Piscina Mirabile, Fabrizio Scotti di Vetta, Giuliano Mallardo and his niece, Miryam Pirozzi who translated for us, Celia Hay. Lemons from a tree - over 200 years.                              

Astroni Vineyard planted on the crater rim.          Gerardo Vernazzaro, Winemaker of Cantine Astroni, Pianura.

The estate of Cantine Astroni is located on the crater rim of the Cratere degli Astroni now a wildlife sanctuary of the WWF. It is also within the PDO of Campi Flegrei and offers innovative interpretations of Falanghina along with the local red grape, Piedirosso.

Astroni wines 2015 and 2013

World Wildlife Bird Sanctuary over the rim of Astroni. Caper bush grows on 400 year old pumice rock wall.

Driving to Vesuvio.                                                Looking towards Naples from Vesuvio.

And then a quick hike up Mount Vesuvio, the legendary volcano that flanks the city of Naples.


An autumn treat in Milano enjoyed with the President of ASIP Italian Sommeliers, Giuseppe Vaccarini.

Methodo Classico - bubbles to start 

Small fresh water fish, lightly crumbed, as an appetiser. Decanting the Amarone over a candle.

Masi Mazzano Amarone Della Valpoicella 2000 tasting of cinnamon infused ripe plums, toffee, violets with a long savoury finish. Porcini mushrooms, pan-seared in butter with a little garlic and lemon.

Saffron Risotto                                                       Tiramisu

Cheese board


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