New Zealand Wine Guide (2nd Edition) - Media Release

  • 4 May 2020
  • Celia Hay

The evolution of New Zealand as a vine-growing, wine producing country is also a story of the New Zealand Dream; of inspired entrepreneurs, captivated by the aromas, flavours and sociability of wine’, says Celia Hay, author of the New Zealand Wine Guide (2nd Ed).

First published in 2014, the completely updated second edition will provide a useful and accessible resource for people wishing to extend their knowledge of New Zealand wines.

Celia Hay, Director of the New Zealand School of Food and Wine and well-respected wine educator, explains in detail about New Zealand’s wine regions, significant grape varieties, and wines produced.

A selection of local maps, explanations of vine growing, and winemaking processes, illustrated with helpful photographs and diagrams, makes this book an invaluable resource. Also included are extensive recommendations of wines to taste that express the different styles of winemaking and their regional character.

Kevin Judd’s breathtaking photographs dramatically illustrate vineyard life in these beautiful winegrowing regions of New Zealand.

Looking back to the 1990s, we can observe the remarkable transformation of our fledgling wine and hospitality communities into professional, well-run businesses.

The stories behind the regions and the wineries; winemakers, grape-growers and visionaries give a real depth to New Zealand’s wine identity and this knowledge needs to be shared broadly and celebrated widely.

My New Zealand Wine Guide and the Certificate in New Zealand Wine NZQA micro-credential offers an opportunity to gain insights and learn more about our flourishing wine culture. 

NZQA-accredited micro-credential, the Certificate in New Zealand Wine. This certificate will transform understanding about New Zealand wines and provide a unique opportunity for restaurant, winery cellar door, wine sales and marketing staff, as well as wine-lovers, to learn and benefit from an increased knowledge of New Zealand wines.

Written for the Hospitality Business newsletter.

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